Chakra Rollers- Exclusive

Chakra Rollers- Exclusive

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BEEing present requires relaxation, focus and strength. Scratch-made with aromatic, high-quality essential oils— each Bee Present rollers support a specific chakras!  If pregnant or nursing, consult healthcare professional prior to use. 

Recommended Use: Apply to chakra/pulse points. 

Choose from the seven Chakras: 

Crown | jasmine,angelica, lavender & sandalwood

Third Eye | frankincense, sage & rosemary

Throat | chamomile, lemongrass, sage & peppermint

Heart | bergamot, rose, eucalyptus & pine

Solar Plexus | juniper, ginger, lemon, lime and maajoram

Sacral | geranium, neroli and orange 

Root | vetiver, cinnamon, patchouli & clove

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