Welcome! Fall season applications are now OPEN.

How and when do I apply? Where is the application?

Where can I find the Market Guidelines and Policies (the FAQ's below cover the main points)?

What is the Clover Market and how can I get a feel for what it's like?

What are the 2022 Market dates?

What are the Market hours?

Who should apply?

Do you have any vendor testimonials?

How are applications evaluated?

What is the vending fee?

Is there a fee to apply?

Do I need to apply to all Markets in a season?

I've participated before. Will I be automatically accepted again?

What are the benefits of participating in your Markets?

I have food products; should I submit the food truck application or the regular application?

If I'm applying as food truck or tented food vendor (consumption onsite). What do I need to know?

Do you allow tents from companies looking to promote their businesses?

Do I need to be personally present at the Market?

What do I need to have to participate in the Markets?

Are the Markets rain or shine?

Do I need to be on social media and have a website to participate?

Do I need to have insurance to participate?

Do all handmade products have to be made in the US?

Are shared spaces allowed? Can you match me with someone?

Is electricity available onsite?

Do I need to pay sales tax? Are any other licenses required?

How do you advertise and promote the Markets?

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

How and when do I get the logistical information for each Market?

How do I pay my vending fee if I am accepted?

Can I request a specific space at the Market?

What are some of the awards and local recognition Clover has received?

I did not get accepted to participate. Can you provide some feedback?

I applied for (x#) of dates, but I was only confirmed for (y#) of dates. Why? Is there a waitlist?

I'd like to add a different category of product after being accepted. Can I do that?

What are your Covid policies?

How do I sign up to get future calls for vendors?

How can I reach you if I have a question not answered here?


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