Meet the Makers

Katherine Slicen ~ Stone Cooper

My love for jewelry began at a young age and has carried a significant role throughout my life. During my school years I worked at multiple bead-stores and studied metal-smithing on the side. 

Stephanie Sloat Harkins ~ In With The Old

It all started when I was little and my parents were dragging me around to antique shops... Now as I am older I look forward to the times with my parents dragging me around to those same antique shops! I perfected my shopping techniques from many years of watching 

Melissa Clout ~ Handcraft Curio

My name is Melissa Clout and I’m the artist behind Handcraft Curio.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and moved with my family from San Francisco to Philadelphia in 2016.

Stephanie Harvey ~ exit343design

Started in 2007 as a side hustle slinging art prints in college, exit343design has since grown into a full-time print and design operation focused on creating colorful and authentic screen-printed products

Jenny Alexander ~ The Painted Lily

I started my career as an artist in the performing arts arena as a professional magician, traveling the country and ultimately the world. My husband, Scott, and I performed together on stages worldwide

Tina Crespo ~ Tina Crespo Studio

I am a fine artist + brand photographer, coffee enthusiast, and admirer of all moments (quiet or stormy) that Nature has to offer.

Greg Waddell ~ Lodestone Candles of Kent

For most of my life I have been a nomad of sorts; born in Savannah, raised in Atlanta, studies in Paris and New Orleans, and work in Washington, DC. 

Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert ~ Sardine Clothing

Sardine Clothing Company started in 2008 with one woman and a sewing machine making kids clothing from thrift store finds. After a few years, it is still one woman (and friends!) and A LOT of sewing machines...

Susan Forker ~ joeyfivecents

I live and work in Bucks County in a civil war era farmhouse and barn that provides a sense of warmth, comfort and creative curiosity. I draw inspiration from my surroundings...

Erica Vinskie ~ HENNY FAIRE

I am the nose behind HENNY FAIRE Co. fragrances and apothecary. A university lecturer and visual artist, I began studying perfumery in 2014...

Renee D'Amico ~ Tadpole Creations

I am a Bucks County native, former elementary art teacher, and the maker behind Tadpole Creations. 

Chrissy Cabrera ~ Naturally London

I am a Certifed Aromatherapist and the Mastermind behind all of this yummy goodness. I created Naturally London in order to maintain my own foot health
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