Here are some select testimonials from our vendors about what it's like to participate at the Markets with us:

  • As a vendor for many years, Clover Market has helped to grow my business in countless ways. From building valued customer relationships to growing my wholesale partnerships to finding meaningful friendships with other makers, Clover Market has made a positive mark on my business and I cannot recommend it enough for makers! ~ Jenny, The Painted Lily
  • The Clover Market exceeded my expectations. As a small business knowing that the coordinators do what they promise from marketing to organization made the decision to participate an easy one. The shopper traffic did not stop all day! Thank you for a great community to showcase my product. ~ Jennifer, Jennifer Hoertz Millinery
  • Clover Market is more than a just a vendor show. It is about community support, giving exposure to upcoming brands and bringing together community and small businesses to create connections and future collaborations. It is all about positive vibe and happy moments. Whether a buyer or vendor, you will feel loved and appreciated. ~ Monika, Chalktree Wax Candles
  • Clover Market = Pure Perfection! ~ Kevin and Stacey, The Early Bird
  • Clover has been an important factor in the catalyst of growth to our business. By keeping the bar high, we constantly need stay on our creative toes. Clover customers are like no other, they're loyal, supportive and knowledgeable about handcrafted goods - from the bottom of our muddy hearts we love everything about Clover! ~ Stephanie, Mud & Maker
  • Janet and the Clover Market team are an absolute pleasure to work with every time. The Clover Market shoppers are so loyal and supportive. It is always a highlight in my market schedule. ~ Kari, Karnet Creative
  • The Clover Market series is absolutely magical. We've been in business for well over a decade and have participated in countless wonderful events, and yet there's something just so uniquely special about Clover - the customers, the other vendors, and the towns that host the markets are all so lovely! ~ Michelle, mkc photography
  • As a vendor with Clover during the entirety of my business, I’m so thankful for Janet & team providing a crystal clear example of how a professional market is done! I have been able to grow and improve so much in my own business & market presence because of the incredible environment they provide. As I’ve cut down on my markets over the years, going in different directions with my business, I will never leave the Clover circuit, both for the ease of working with them, and the joy of the incredible vendors & customers they attract. ~ Melissa, Vellum St Soap Company
  • Clover Market cares about small business and it shows. Their careful organization coupled with the best locally curated goods doesn’t get any better! ~ Christine, Crea Designs
  • I’ve been a visitor to Clover Market for many years and participating this year has been an experience that’s above and beyond! The ease of load in and load out, the attention to every little detail, and then of course the support and excitement to shop from the attendees, it all made for two wonderful experiences in Bryn Mawr and Kennett Square. ~ Niki, Niki Leist Jewelry
  • We officially started our business a few years ago by participating in our first Clover Market. We were hooked and love it when our schedule lines up to participate. The Clover Market team is the absolute best at what they do!!! They vet and curate the best vendors around, which in turn brings out all the wonderful Clover Market customers. We love our Clover Market customers! ~ Brenda and Rusty, Joyfully Vintage Shop
  • Clover Markets are a lifeline for emerging brands and local makers to connect with our communities. The markets are well-run and organized and always full of interesting finds. ~ Megan, Blushing Wren
  • Incredibly beautiful array of talented and uniquely curated booths offered in every row. Even when there was a repeat of an item type for sale, each artisan's work was so different that there were amazing options at every angle.~ Candace, Girl Crush Co.
  • Clover Market should be viewed as the blueprint for how all modern markets and art shows should be curated and run. ~ Karen, Karen Coston Jewelry
  • Being a part of Clover Market has been an incredible expansive to my previously only on-line business. I treasure the community of artists and regular customers that I have met over the years that have made me feel so welcome. I am so thankful for this experience. ~ Keri, Izy and Oly
  • I always look forward to Clover Market and as a first time vendor, the Clover Market team provided a well organized and professional experience that sets up vendors for success. The other vendors that participate are all so supportive and helpful to fellow vendors, I'm happy to be a part of this community. ~ Jen, Little Clay Moon
  • I was a new vendor this year and I was welcomed with open arms by the entire Clover Market community. They shows were well marketed, well organized, and well attended. It was a pleasure to be a part of. ~ Kasie, Kasie Makes
  • The whole process was a dream from start to finish. Janet and team are true professionals that provided clear instructions throughout the whole process from initial sign-up to coordination on the day of the event. We will most definitely join a Clover Market in the future. ~ Design History Files
  • Wow, what a great market! Clover reliably brings together the best local vendors and enthusiastic buyers for a perfectly curated day of unique goods, delicious food and great conversation. Cannot wait to return! ~ Courtney, Sidewalk Ceramics
  • Clover Markets are the best in the area, drawing a great, engaged crowd, supported by excellent marketing and a well curated offering. ~ Zach, Aha Brands
  • I've been a part of Clover Market for ten years, and every market feels like coming home. Janet has gathered a community of creative makers & shoppers who are truly supportive of one another. I always look forward to my time at Clover. ~ Phoebe, Talufane
  • It's always an honor and a pleasure to participate in Clover Market. The customers are great and the array of vendors is interesting and eclectic! Janet runs a really tight ship which makes things a lot easier for us vendors! ~ Shelley, no. 27 collection
  • Clover Market is the best festival around that brings the community together for a fun filled outdoor experience that offers locals the opportunity to shop small, and see unique and creative finds. There is truly something for everyone of all ages. Every visitor and vendor I spoke to says how amazing every Clover Market is and they can’t wait to be part of this 10+ year long tradition every year! ~ Cindy, H. Honeycup
  • Clover Markets are a joy to experience as a vendor! The application process is organized and professional, and the social media communication strategy is effective, hitting all the right markets. Clover Market staff is very helpful during set-up and break-down, and in answering any questions during the day. ~ Shady Lady Lampshades
  • Clover Market is one of the finest local markets highlighting local makers, musicians, food trucks and vintage/antique sellers. There is a nice variety from market to market so it's worth putting Clover Market on your go-to list for shopping local, small businesses for fine home decor, jewelry, and gifts for yourself and others! ~ Hen Bit Art
  • The Clover Market was, in a word, amazing. I do a lot of events throughout the year, and can say confidently that this market far surpassed any that I have done recently, both in terms of sales/success and logistics/organization. When I applied, I knew that the caliber of makers, vendors, etc. would be high and I was honestly shocked and honored when I was accepted. What the Clover team has created is truly something special, and I hope to be a part of many more markets in the future. ~ Annie, Escentially Annie
  • You have one of the most organized, best curated, well-attended markets I’ve done. The people that come understand the value of the products offered, the vendors are kind and respectful, and Janet and her team are easy to work with. ~ Kellie, Milk Machine Vintage
  • Consistently, each Clover Market is bountiful. It’s full of amazing artists, wonderful customers, and always, is so well run. You always get lucky when you find yourself at a Clover Market! ~ Aisha Likes it
  • Clover Market sets the bar. There’s just no other market that comes close to doing what Janet does with promotions, social media, and artist support. Simply the best. ~ Evelyn Taylor Designs
  • Highly recommend vending with Clover Market! Janet and the team run an incredibly smooth operation - every detail is thought of, and day-of event is organized, fun, and successful. ~ Jamie, Trio Fudge
  • I LOVE Everything about Clover Markets! The set up and breakdown is super smooth and easy which is a big deal to me because I do shows alone. The crowds come out early and it's busy all day long. Always a great show. ~ Melissa, Spirit Glassworks
  • As someone who vended at some of the first Clover Markets many years ago, I can see the positive evolution -- the market is well organized and well guided under Janet's leadership and vision. The market is a unique and special shopping experience! The curated merchandise offered provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about antique, vintage and handmade items and enjoy time together -- its a free family experience (which includes well-mannered pets). ~ Sue Ehlenberger Antiques
  • Clover Market has given me an incredible opportunity to bring my craft to a discerning clientele helping me grow both my business and repeat customer base! ~ Maria, Maria Maurio
  • What's not to LOVE about Clover Market? The thoroughness of Janet & Crew, the carefully planned lay out, absolutely amazing vendors & fabulous customers turned friends. Market days have turned into some of my favorite days of the year! ~Dannielle, PreMadeReMade
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