Hello!  We've tried to put all the things that people typically email us about here on the website.  For example,

  • If you're interested in being a vendor, you'll want to refer to the Apply page which has all of the FAQ's, deadlines and the link to our applications when they're available.
  • If you want more general information about our Markets (vendors, maps, directions), we will update that information here as we get closer to each season. There will be a separate page for each Market.  The dates are also on the Schedule page too.
  • We're not currently looking for new musicians to play at our events, but you're welcome to reach out with your info and we'll hang onto it in case anything changes in the future.

If you have a question that we haven't answered here or another kind of inquiry, you can reach out to: helloclovermarket(at) You'll replace the (at) with an @ when you send your email.  

We will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. Please note responses are typically a little delayed around Market dates. Thank you!

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