We're celebrating our 14th year of connecting creative small businesses with buyers who love to shop small in 2023!

STEP 1: Review the Vendor Guidelines
STEP 2: Submit Your Application
STEP 3 (Optional): Peruse the FAQ Below
What are the 2023 Market dates?
What are the application deadlines? When are vendors notified?
I missed the application deadline. Do you take late applications? Is there a waitlist?
Is there an application fee? What is the vending fee?
What is the Clover Market?
Who should apply?
Who should NOT apply?
Do I need to have a website or social media pages to apply?
Will I submit any photos on the application?
How do you select the participating vendors?
What do I need to have to participate in the Market?
Do I need to apply to all Markets in a season?
Can I share a space? Will you match me with someone?
Can I request a specific space?
Do I need to be personally present at the Market?
Does it help my application if I'm on social media and have a website?
Do handmade products need to be made in the US?
Do I have to have insurance to participate?
What are the benefits to me of participating?
Where are the Markets held?
What is the cancellation policy?
What is the weather policy?
Is electricity available?
Do I need to pay sales tax? Are other licenses required?
I have participated before. Will I be automatically accepted again?
How do you promote the Markets?
How/when do I pay the vending fee if I'm accepted?
Will I get additional logistical information if I'm accepted?
How can I reach you if I have a question not answered here?
If I am not accepted to participate, could I get some feedback?
How can I be sure to see future calls for vendors?
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