Melissa Torre ~ Vellum St Soap Company

As a chef interested in both nutrition and food sustainability, it wasn't long before I started paying attention to not only what she put IN my body, but also ON it. So many commercially available soaps & skin care products today are formulated with ingredients you would never eat, so why slather them on your skin, which, like your digestive system, absorbs everything you put on it?! After a growing interest & extensive research, I discovered a slew of ingredients, many of which were leftover/excess ingredients in my cafe Cookie Confidential's own kitchen, that held numerous benefits for the skin, most notable, tallow. Not long after, I stepped away from the world of pastry and being a private chef, and into the world of upcycled skincare. Creating products that are comprised of nothing that doesn't directly benefit skin health, along with being able to put to good use many food "scraps" that were once headed for the trash bin in many commercial kitchens, led me to an exciting new venture that combined my love of food & creating in the kitchen with my desire to improve nutrition and food sustainability. 
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