Susan Forker ~ joeyfivecents

I live and work in Bucks County in a civil war era farmhouse and barn that provides a sense of warmth, comfort and creative curiosity. I draw inspiration from my surroundings - the natural beauty and wildlife that changes throughout the seasons (we live next to an 80 acre tree farm) and the sense of history that is inherent to this area. I source local flea markets and auctions for my materials and often find that I'm drawn to things that I may not use in a design right away but spark an idea that needs to grow and develop. Digging through dusty boxes of musty antique books and vintage ephemera is pure inspiration filled with possibilities. I thrive on that connection in my work between history and the present - to incorporate something old that has been deemed 'not useful' or relevant and to present it as something new in a modern context that celebrates its story is what my jewelry is all about.
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