Jenny Alexander ~ The Painted Lily

I started my career as an artist in the performing arts arena as a professional magician, traveling the country and ultimately the world. My husband, Scott, and I performed together on stages worldwide. My design aesthetic has been born from a passion for history, romance, travel, entertainment and the past. The places I visited, particularly in Europe, inspired me with their architecture, local colors and passionate remembrance of their history.

My greatest inspirations come from deep rooted history and the romance of the past… images from classic time periods like antique advertisements, vintage magic and carnival posters, antique travel posters, old personal letters and antique photographs. Through my collage process, I strive to create immortal images… timeless and touching, pure and poetic. My pieces make me want to live passionately and beautifully in the present, without forgetting the past, and I hope they do the same for you.

The scope of work that Scott and I create is something that we hope captures the past with respect, romance and beauty. We aim to inspire you to live a life deeply rooted in the lessons and experiences of the past without forsaking the modern sensibilities of today.
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