Stephanie Premich ~ Mud and Maker

For me, my love for clay is something ethereal, the tactile and raw nature of a material which has come directly from the earth connects with a deeper need to be a part of the land. I grew up playing in the dirt and rivers in rural Pennsylvania, so I think it was a very natural transition into my adult life to get to play in the mud as well. I find inspiration everywhere from vintage scraps of leather & lace to the natural mountains, rivers and forests that surround our home.
The integration of multiple mediums and techniques through collaboration as well asintroducing a level of wit, nostalgia and cleverness are all things that make up my work. My pottery has a natural, rustic aesthetic which is complemented by bright, glossy glazes. Many of the glazes I make are formatted specifically to show the patterns and impressions of found objects that can be seen in my work. All forms are primarily utilitarian and designed to be used in the home - I strive for ease in use, almost all of my pottery is food, microwave & dishwasher safe.
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